There’s only one part of my studio floor which is really, properly flat, and that is the concrete slab on which the Megado stands. And which the Megado now shares with the warping mill. My warp-winding station has traded places with my tea-making station, as the kettle is a bit less picky. Not that the mill doesn’t work on the flagstone floor: its feet are all adjustable so it can be made to spin smoothly anywhere. The problem is that if it is moved even an inch or two then the floor’s irregularities throw it out of kilter again. I thought of marking its ‘home spot’ with tape or something, but the moving option has a double benefit: by shifting the looms along to make the bigger area at the window end of the room, I have also gained enough space to get around the end of the fly shuttle without poking myself in the ribs.


And what is that in the corner to its left? Why that would be one of the two looms I have just acquired, thanks to the kind offices of Pat and my mother. This is a folding four-shaft floor loom which will come into its own later in the year. The other is an eight-shaft table loom which will go into service right away as a workshop loom. More on these as I get to know them.

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