An exciting discovery in the fly shuttle department: it sounds like the Tardis!

This reminds me of another sound discovery I made in connection with my mechanical dobby treadling process. I’ve mentioned (ad nauseam) my method of networking by winding back the dobby chain. With a double weave twill that means winding back seven lags each time to stay ‘on network’. And the perfect musical accompaniment to this process turns out to be the incomparable Victoria Wood singing the incomparable Ballad of Barry and Freda. Altogether now: “Fre-da drained her co-coa cup”. It’s perfect.

And I happen to be singing along at the moment, since I thought I would try some 4CDW on my lambswool warp. The current sett was a bit tight for plain weave, but it’s working well with the twill.


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  1. sandra rude
    | Reply

    Beautiful color blends. My fly-shuttle sounded more like a rail car clacking on the joins between rail sections… Make sure to train yourself to change hands regularly, like each time you advance the warp. That evens out the stress on your hands, which might not sound like a big deal now, but your hands will thank you a few years from now.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Thanks for the tip, Sandra, I’ll try and balance myself out.

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