Saying yes, saying no

I love saying yes to things. I’m always saying yes to things. This has been a week when a whole load of my yeses caught up with me at once, and while freaking out about that I have nonetheless managed to add even more yeses to the pile. My stress levels never seem to dent my optimism!

Actually, this is a bit of a funny time. While I’m learning the ropes at the OU, I am in the closing stages of my life with Strathclyde – teaching my last class, making the final corrections to my thesis – and that chapter will soon be over. It will be a loss, a relief and an opportunity: a space for new undertakings. More yeses! I’m clearly getting a good head start. As of this week, for instance, I’m ‘VP-elect’ of Complex Weavers with a place at the board’s virtual table, learning how it all works. I finally joined TAFA, the Textile and Fiber Art List which I have followed with interest since it began four years ago. And there are new ventures in the pipeline which I can’t mention yet…

Sometimes, though, I do need to say no. I would have loved to participate in one of the Craft Scotland shows again, but the deadlines are much earlier than they were last year and, in the midst of all the work I am finishing off, I couldn’t even cope with putting together an application. There’s a great line-up for the summer show, though, and you’ll see some familiar weaverly names!

On the loom this week, some little samples for summer yardage:



My inspiration comes from the brightly coloured swirling skirts of the Ballet Folklorico dancers, and I’m very grateful to them – we’ve been under a pall of grey for over a week and if it wasn’t for their yellows, oranges and purples I’d be screaming by now.

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  1. MegWeaves
    | Reply

    Dr Prof Weaver VP Elect… Oh, too many titles, Cally! Congrats!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Do you think it’s a bit much??!

      • MegWeaves
        | Reply

        As long as you can remember them all. I didn’t even include the important bits, like Wife, Daughter, Sister and Aunt. And I’m sure the cats don’t care. 😀

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