Cut off

folklorico before finishing

On the way back from Edinburgh yesterday I called in at the studio to cut this off and bring it home for finishing. My inspection process involves donning my reading glasses and working my way slowly along the fabric while shoving the inspected part into an increasingly ungainly heap at the end of the dining table. I’m not sure that it is terribly effective: I am typically much better at spotting problems after washing than before and the ungainly heap often tips right off the table onto the floor. However, it is all now in the washing machine so alea iacta est.

The training turned out to be surprisingly interesting and very practical, with lots of examples of file handling systems tailored to the OU system (devised to rival the official one which, of course, never quite does what the users at the sharp end really need) and annotation software on different platforms. I think it helped that everyone in the room actually had to use the stuff, and in a maths context too, so there was a strong sense of a common interest in solving challenges. Rather like weavers, in fact.

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  1. lauraannfryLaura

    I know exactly what you mean about ungainly heaps. I’m dealing with same, myself, but in my lap. :-/

  2. Sandra Rude

    It may be an ungainly heap, but it’s certainly a rich, saturated, cheery one. Beautiful fabric!

  3. neki rivera

    bright and beautiful