Dusting off the wheel

Continuing last weekend’s mission to reclaim some recreational time, I dusted off the spinning wheel last night so that I could take it to the Guild today. And when I say “dusted off” I mean got out a cloth and a bucket and removed a thick layer of grime… It’s been a while. When I looked in my stash for something to spin I was horrified by how deep the mine of unspun fibre actually is. When did I buy all that? And when did I think I was going to spin it? I had to stop half way down the pile as it was too unsettling. Anyway, I picked out a small bag of something labelled “Llama, silk & wool” (no indication of what the wool is). I hadn’t got on very well with it when I first bought it. The material in the bag consists of dense clumps with fine hairs sticking out.

llama silk wool fibre

Opened up with the hand carders, it looks like this:

llama silk wool open fibre

I’m not sure quite what’s what, but as well as the hair – which I presume is llama guard hair – there are liitle neps and wee clumps that might be silk noils. The mass of the fibre is very fine and short. Originally I had tried to spin a ‘normal’ yarn with it, but got frustrated at the difficulties it gave me. One of the reasons it was abandoned in the fibre stash!

This time I decided to relax and let it take shape in its own way. Since relaxation for me does not extend to picking out guard hairs or doing elaborate fibre preparation, I just loosened it up with the hand cards and used a long draw to spin it, letting it clump or not as it pleased. A little plied sample was surprisingly appealing.

llama silk wool lumpy yarn

Approaching it without any quality control made for very rapid progress and by the end of the Guild meeting I had this.

llama silk wool bobbin

It was fun to imagine what I might do with it, though I am probably getting ahead of myself. One bobbin doth not a weaving make. The yarn is soft and light, but with those guard hairs you certainly wouldn’t want to wear it. For now I shall just enjoy the spinning and the dreaming.

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3 Responses

  1. Margery

    When I have little bits like this, I like to arrange them in bowls, like fruit. You don’t need to make something to feel that you’ve MADE something! And in spite of the hairs, it’s lovely.

    • Cally

      You are a very bad influence, Margery. I may never make anything again.

  2. Charlotte Engstad

    This yarn looks so lovely!