In and out of the studio

One day last week I was walking back from the Post Office to the studio and the sky was just perfectly Septemberish, so I stopped to take a picture.

View from Urquhart St

For those of you who haven’t seen Meadow Mill in person, it’s the big square stone building on the right. My studio is in the topmost leftmost corner, so when I walk this way I like to give myself a metaphorical wave to say hello.

On Friday I got things organised in readiness for a workshop, so I stopped at the door to look back and check that I’d done what I needed to. The light coming in made me get the phone out again and take another picture. The photo doesn’t really show anything special, but I just felt a surge of gratitude for my own weaving place.

Studio all tidied up

24 hours later things were not quite so tidy, but four new weavers had made their first samplers. We hung them up fresh from the loom for a few glamour shots – the samplers that is, not the weavers! – but sadly most of my photos are blurry. This one isn’t, but I lost most of the lefthand piece.

TD samplers

It is funny how groups can often encourage each other in one particular direction or another. Sometimes everyone gets deeply into structure, sometimes colour becomes the focus. This group were especially excited by texture and the funky yarns had a busy day.

Since I was teaching yesterday, our ‘weekend’ has been a short one but has managed to include a surprisingly balanced menu of activities: political debate, art, exercise and cake. Not bad for 24 hours, eh? The first two items were deadline-critical. Last night was the final chapter of Five Million Questions at Dundee University, with a panel of historians reflecting on the outcome of the referendum and discussing what might happen next and this afternoon was the last chance to see Alison Watt’s paintings at Perth Museum & Art Gallery. The exhibition there is part of Generation, which is still ongoing, but we would have been really cross with ourselves if we had missed this particular show. Fortunately, Stuart checked the programme yesterday! If you don’t know her work then do follow the link and have a look… And any trip to Perth is an excuse for a long walk beside the river and for a teashop visit, thus completing our recreational quartet.

Ready for Monday? Of course not, but I’m looking forward to it anyway. Time to start warping the Delta!

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