Empty table moment

Enjoy it while it lasts!

empty table

I am just about ready for this weekend’s workshop, which is the first half of a four-day beginners’ weaving course. It’s a new format which I think will be a lot of fun – just as soon as I have stopped fighting with the printer about my handouts. (Seriously, this morning it was turning pages upside down. And just now it printed five careful double-sided pages of nothing at all.)

The looms are (deliberately) 75% warped.

mostly warped loom

Yarns are standing to attention.

yarns at the ready

And the table, of course, is clear. Tomorrow I’ll shop for refreshments and – as long as nobody steals any of my cards this week – weave another couple of metres of leaves.

Looking ahead, I have now published details of classes for January – April 2015: everything is here. Oh, and for new weavers in Scotland there is some rather good news at Room for a Loom. Yes, a Schacht supplier in Glasgow!

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  1. neki rivera

    what? an empty table?? what is that???