Having favourites

Do you have favourites when you weave? I am not talking about such grand things as favourite pieces or favourite structures, but about much smaller units of pleasure: a particular sequence of lifts which is enjoyable to treadle, perhaps, or a little bit of pattern which is especially satisfying. While it does make me feel a bit neglectful of the ‘less favoured’ parts of the process, I can’t help liking some moments a little bit more than others.

Just now I am deriving special pleasure from this combination of lightly-networked points every time they appear over the horizon of the temple. I’m not sure why – they just appeal to me.

little bit

Then I advance the temple and they are gone again. But I can look forward to the next time!

Open Studios was a lot of fun but everyone at Meadow Mill is looking distinctly starey-eyed this week. I can’t slow down yet, though, as I have lots still to prepare for weaving classes next weekend. Three and a half looms are ready but I still have handouts to print and compile, samples and design materials to organise… My lists are long and not yet sufficiently ticked. But they will be. It always gets done one way or another.

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4 Responses

  1. Betty Bell

    It’s easy to see why you enjoy this weave and color combo … I would too. Perhaps you’ll inspire me to work harder on the 12 shafts I possess …….. playtime on the loom after the Seattle Weavers’ Guild Sale and my pottery show in late November. I’ve lots of time to dream ………….. sigh.

    • Cally

      It’s so easy to think of too many things to weave!

  2. Laura

    I just love being able to sit down and weave. Having the shuttle move through my hands with a well behaved weft in it? Priceless!

    • Cally

      I agree, Laura. And I am so glad you are back at the loom 🙂