Today is National Poetry Day, so I thought I’d share a poem which I have been mulling over lately: Tay Bridge by Douglas Dunn. It’s about the bridge, yes, but also about the river, and the relationship of the city to the river, all of which are things which preoccupy me. I’ll just quote the opening lines here, but you can read the whole poem in the Scottish Poetry Library online.

A sky that tastes of rain that’s still to fall
And then of rain that falls and tastes of sky…
The colour of the country’s moist and subtle
In dusk’s expected rumour. Amplify
All you can see this evening and the broad
Water enlarges, Dundee slips by an age
Into its land before the lights come on.

Tay and sunlight

Poetry” was posted by Cally on 2 Oct 2014 at http://callybooker.co.uk

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2 Responses

  1. Sandra Rude

    Georgeous photo. Love the poem!

  2. neki rivera

    beautiful poetry soulful photo. or vice versa