So the weekend is almost upon us when, from 12 to 5 pm each day, Meadow Mill will be open to visitors. This means that everyone is spring-cleaning their studios, in spite of general protestations that nobody is really doing anything special… In 412 my preparations are fairly modest, but I did go so far as to get the mop out last night and clean the floor. I’ve also moved a couple of table looms to put out some of my recent work,

and wound yarn onto stick shuttles ready for kids (and grownups) to have a go at weaving.

The bear hunt bear is also in position but I won’t spoil things by posting a picture in advance.

By getting this done yesterday, I thought I’d have a quiet weaving day today. I wanted to get the rest of a scarf and another two metres of the autumn leaves woven – which reminds me that Vicki and Sandra asked me about it, because I was very sketchy with the detail when I posted this. The yarn is my favourite 16/2 organic cotton from Venne and when it is woven it will go to Oscha for them to make into slings or wraps as they choose. I apologise for my sketchiness, which of late has become rather habitual. I’m determined to keep going with my blog, but I do go through spells when I am dealing with so much ‘computer-stuff’ that I can hardly bring myself to spend the extra few minutes it takes to upload images, write a post etc. 

Anyway, that quiet weaving day was unfortunately disrupted by the nasty individual who stole my credit card details and caused me to spend two hours on the phone dealing with the consequences of their nastiness. All sorted now, except that I still have to get a new card number and then chase around after all the accounts that depend on the old one… what a tedious time-wasting exercise. I’ve finally got back to the loom and managed one of my metres, but no scarf yet. I’ll be back on the case right after this cup of tea.

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2 Responses

  1. sandra rude

    Bummer! I hope the weekend is so much fun it wipes away the scum of nastiness!

  2. Vicki

    THank you Cally for taking the time to answer my question despite the load you are dealing with. I certainly admire your sharing your latest weaving photos and blogging. Sorry about your credit card problems. I know full well how frustrating and time consuming that is. Hope your weekend is fun.