So I have reached the end of this:

end of warp

The warp ends heading off in the wrong direction are the legacy of my mistake.

On the cloth beam, meanwhile, I’ve accumulated this:

roll on cloth beam

Just over 16 metres on the loom, although I will lose 1.5 – 2 metres of that when it’s finished. In fact, I have already lost them, but haven’t yet measured again so cannot be precise about what “they” are. We are still at the pressing stage. I need to get it parcelled up before the end of the weekend, though, as on Monday I am off down to London for a few days (including some Complex Weavers time).

I have limped through this rather haphazardly as I have been juggling several things at once. New weavers have had their first weekend (of sampling and designing), so I have now stripped all the looms bare in anticipation of their wonderful projects in a week’s time, and I have been preparing to take my wares to the Bridge of Allan Contemporary Arts Festival, which is tomorrow (Saturday).

pile of scribble throws

I have worked straight through the last two weekends and will be working straight through this one too. On Monday I will take a book for the train, but I reckon I will probably sleep.

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4 Responses

  1. MegWeaves

    16 meters. Goodness me. Not only can I not imaging weaving that long, but, yikes, wet-finishing?? Mats off, impressed, have a great train ride.

  2. Stewart Fiber Arts

    What beautiful fabric! I haven’t worked my way up to such a long warp yet — I’ll get there eventually 🙂 You do lovely work.

  3. Evelyn

    a full cloth beam – what a satisfying photo!

  4. Cally

    Washing machine, Meg! Throw it in and forget about it. Until the pressing that is :-/