Days of warping

I seem to have hit a warping patch. It’s funny when all the looms need dressed at the same time – there is so much choice in how to go about it. My approach is, of course, piecemeal and poorly planned, but it works. I could wind all the warps, beam all the warps etc, but I prefer to mix it up and be doing lots of different jobs. Also I can’t use my favourite lease sticks unless I limit myself to a couple of threadings at a time! These little preferences exert a strong influence over my behaviour. I reckon I might as well enjoy those small privileges that I can indulge in.

So at the end of Friday I had a new scarf warp on the Megado ready to weave next week, and three table looms threaded and sleyed for a taster at the end of the month. Two of these are totally ready and one still needs to be tied on. The fourth table loom has not even a warp chain to its name yet, while the Delta is merely festooned with the detritus of other looms’ processes.

I am not sure what I am going to do on the Delta next. Some more yardage sampling is called for, but is not urgent, so I am wondering whether I can sneak in something else first. This would probably be a bad idea. When did I go from being the person who is always on time, maybe even early, to being the person who does things at the last minute (and often late)? I have a feeling that this will turn out to be the lasting impact of doctoral studies: when the only external deadline is years away it tends to corrode the will to get ahead.

Anyway, next week starts on Tuesday rather than Monday as I have to go down to England for a couple of days. Meanwhile it is scaffolding time again! Fortunately it isn’t the total envelopment kind, or we would be completely daylight deprived at this time of year.

scaffolding 2014

And the poor Ps don’t know it yet, but they are about to take a holiday at the cattery while the builders are about. The Ps don’t know it, but the people do – I wonder if the cats would feel any better if they knew how much we dreaded the cats-in-boxes process too? Phoebus in particular is a very bad traveller. On the other hand, he’s an even worse builder’s mate, so it must be endured.

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