The builders have left, the Ps are home and we have have gone from this…

fireplace before

to this:

fireplace after

The scaffolding is still up, but no doubt someone will come and collect it when they feel the need of it. The Ps are only just home so they haven’t really noticed the change yet, but the people are very happy with it – even though it will no doubt take us another 15 years to get around to repainting that bit of wall (we might put the pictures back up a bit sooner).

It was a great relief that they didn’t find anything ghastly when they broke open the bricked up chimney, though sadly there were no hidden hordes of treasure either. And it was fascinating to see how our fire surround was constructed. In a word: complicated. We don’t know its date, but it obviously doesn’t get out on many day trips, so it must have found it a shock to spend the night on the patio. We were really impressed with how much care the builders took over reassembling it exactly as it was.

Altogether it has been an exceedingly disoriented week. Spending Sunday and Monday mainly on the road has left me thoroughly confused about which day was which, and having an empty hall and half the house under dust sheets kept me as puzzled about where as about when… In between making pots of coffee for Dan and Peter, I have been getting the studio ready for a taster day tomorrow – all the while half worried that I was going to miss the day myself through muddling up the calendar. I hope I haven’t.

studio prepared for taster

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  1. MegWeaves

    Yeah, you missed the rest of 2014. :-> Put your feet up, time for something nice with VERY nice moldy cheese.

    • Cally

      Excellent! I’m happy with that plan.