Well, I’ve set a new personal best for shrinkage: 2.2 of those metres lost! That’s a bit annoying, to be honest, although the finished cloth has turned out very well so I can’t really stay cross with it. It’s all rolled up now and packed for despatch tomorrow, but before the bubble wrap was applied Stuart took a few pictures. 

I’m sorry to report that yesterday’s event was not a triumph. I sold no work at all! The venue was quite small but very nice – attractive space, well located – and the other vendors had lovely work. Visitors were very engaged and interested in what we did, but they were not at all inclined to buy. So it wasn’t just me: we all had a more-or-less frustrating day. I’m not sure why the event turned out that way, but judging from the remarks I heard, people were seeing it as a chance to look at attractive things rather than to buy from local artists and makers. Very disappointing.

Never mind, I’m ready(ish) for my trip and looking forward to some weaverly company on Thursday.

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  1. Betty Bell

    The work is absoslutely smashing, and all I can say to those silly non-buyers is, Poor them, they missed! Sales at the Seattle Weavers’ Guild were up overall, but surprising. The small, inexpensive gift items went quickly, some blanket/throws sold at high prices, and garments were better than last year, but seriously underpriced, imo. Sales were up over last year, perhaps a reflection of our pr efforts. Kitchen towels moved quickly. Scarves and shawls, especially mobius, went home with happy buyers. Cat toys flew out the door … sigh.
    Somehow I missed and can’t remember what the fiber is that you’ve worked up so beautifully ……. shaft envy on steriods here!

    • Cally

      No need for envy, Betty – this one’s an 8 shaft weave! Glad to hear you had a more ready-to-buy public than we did.

  2. Mimi Anderson

    Fabric is beautiful, Cally. Have enjoyed following the process!

  3. Helga

    Such a beautiful cloth!!!

  4. Margaret Crawford

    It looks really beautiful even if you didn’t sell anything, I know the feeling I used to go to craft fairs with a friend now and then, people mostly just looked at things,
    On my most successful day I sold half a doz stained glass goblets, and one original print ( a fushia Lino print in a MacIntosh style ) don’t think I would be bothered to go again, I love all your weaving, you have amazing patience

  5. Sandra Rude

    Sometimes Open Studios goes that way. This year, sales were dismal. Last year (and prior) were pretty good. We can’t figure out why such a difference. It’s not you. Or me. Just happenstance.