Weavers, warps and all

I think there should be a special badge for new weavers who have designed, warped and woven their first project. It’s quite a milestone, don’t you agree? This week four more people earned that badge and I was so pleased at how well they did – see the pictures in the slider above.

The Megado, on the other hand, has been giving me Trouble. Having sold rather more scarves than I was expecting (not that I’m complaining!) at POS, I need to top up supplies before the Tea Green Festive Market in December. But before warping up for scarves, I was weaving more cushion fabric in lambswool and the oil in the yarn had left the back and breast beams somewhat sticky. I had therefore washed both beams before putting the new warp on, but it was Not Enough. The fine yarn stuck to the back beam, but much worse was the woven cloth sticking at the front and pulling the weave out of shape.

distorted weave

Well, I say worse… In fact, I rather like the distorted effect, but now is perhaps not the right moment for it! It was easy enough to cut off that first scarf, so Stuart very kindly applied wire wool and beeswax to the breast beam while I was away. Then I limped on to the end of the warp as quickly as I could so that the back beam could have the same treatment. I am now warped up again and all is smooth and delightful – and I appreciate it all the more. Though you may spot a slight irregularity in my process here as well…

warp winding error

Honestly. My students wound perfect warps first time, while I produced this. Cue rueful grin.

Anyway, the Tea Green market is the only other selling event I am doing before Christmas, so my mind is starting to turn to new ideas. The huck workshop with Jette chimed with some thoughts I’ve been having about multi-layered huck. Somewhere in between workshops in the summer I squeezed in a few experiments in stitched huck lace on one of the table looms, which showed me just how many decisions are involved simply in putting two layers together. It has really fired my interest and I want to spend more time with this. I like huck, I like layers and I like experimentation so why not?? I have a host of over-ambitious plans buzzing in my head and need to marshal them into some kind of order.

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7 Responses

  1. MegWeaves
    | Reply

    Awesome newbies – unbelievable.

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Those distortions may well resolve themselves in the wet finishing – a lot comes out in the wash! And if you’re planning to full the cloth fairly heavily, distortions will be invisible in the end product. Love the purple and green together! And your new students do indeed deserve congratulations.

  3. treadles
    | Reply

    Sandra is right about things resolving themselves in the wash. These are beautiful!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I’m hoping it will, but quite happy to wear this one myself!

  4. Laura
    | Reply

    Good students generally reflect a good teacher. 🙂

  5. Margreet
    | Reply

    Cally, you are doing well as a teacher, having students producing these results!
    Love the colours in your new warp.
    Fun looking ahead re new weaving. We will wait to read more about it!
    I’m looking forward to having Jette here next weekend with All Tied Up.

  6. neki rivera
    | Reply

    lime green & violet is one of my favorite color combinations. your students are honoring their teacher w. their work!

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