Invisible dyeing day

Sadly, I haven’t been dyeing with invisible dye. I refer to the fact that I have no visual record of the day I just spent dyeing, because I am a Failed Blogger who still can’t remember to take pictures when in medias res.

I am sorry that I failed in this, because it was a beautiful December day with perfect blue skies and the most picturesque location you can imagine. My friend Kate lives in a wee cottage beside a river, and the disused sawmill adjacent to her living quarters is now her dyehouse. Except that we only used the dyehouse itself for the parts involving steam: the rest of our dyeing process took place outdoors on her tiny patio next to the riverbank. Visualise two figures in full outdoor gear, including woolly hats and gloves, but then replace the gloves with the disposable latex kind and that’s a picture of us.

At the moment I don’t even have my dyed yarn to show you, though I will do shortly.

On the loom, the brighton honeycomb scarf has been started but promptly neglected, because I know I still have a week in hand. Fatal!

brighton honeycomb scarf

I finally started warping up for some samples on the Delta.

polar bear samples

But this evening I have to do a few things which are a bit more challenging, so I have got out my special mug.

thinking tea

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