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  1. Laura Fry
    | Reply

    Unfortunately that’s not a break that can be easily fixed, methinks. 🙁

  2. Kerstin
    | Reply

    That is why all weaver needs a spool of braided polyester, along with all other necessities!
    (Somewhere I saw pics from a professional studio in, perhaps, Germany – the flyshuttle cord almost had more knots that unbroken bits. Maybe it is the same as they say about riders: you have to fall off 100 times before you “are” an equestrian?)

  3. Cally
    | Reply

    And of course the useful length of cord that I found in the ‘useful lengths of cord’ box is too thick. Great start to the working year!

  4. Martha
    | Reply

    Talk about holding on by a thread! Hope you can sort out the problem quickly and return to weaving with no hitches.

  5. neki rivera
    | Reply

    blessed nylon chord!

  6. Alice
    | Reply

    You stopped the steaming locomotive just before it reached the desperate heroine tied to the tracks.

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