A Day in the Life of Looms 2015

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment or sent me a message since I posted about Phoebus. Your kind words are very much appreciated. We spent our New Year’s Eve quietly at home with Polly in front of the fire, but today we have been trying to Get Stuff Done.

I have been down to the studio to do some sampling and, of course, to take pictures for Loomsday. Herewith the State of the Looms on New Year’s Day 2015.

2015 Megado

The Megado is as I left it after cutting off the Brighton honeycomb just before Christmas. I did finish the scarf and it was given to my brother Jon for Christmas. As this post is about the looms rather than the things woven upon them, you’ll need to click here to see a picture of the finished scarf.

The Delta is the loom I am sampling on. More heddles unused than in use at the moment.

2015 Delta

The four Ashfords, which I use for teaching, are all ready for the next Taster Day in a couple of weeks’ time.

These are the older two…

2015 Ashfords 1

…while the newer pair are here.

2015 Ashfords 2

The Varpapuu really needs some TLC in 2015, not least to replace the cords, which are all pretty grotty.

2015 Varpapuu

The W30 is resting atop the cupboards ahead of a trip to France in May…

2015 W30

…while my original 4-shaft loom is currently folded up in semi-darkness. I am thinking of selling it, but can’t quite make up my mind.

2015 4-shaft

I hope to keep most of these looms fairly busy in 2015. I certainly have enough plans…

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6 Responses

  1. Peg

    Lots o’ looms. I’m a bit overwhelmed. Or is that jealousy?

  2. MegWeaves

    Goodness me, your space is so tidy and neat and clean and… yikes… there are so many looms. (Or so it appears.) I hope to see lots more of your beautiful creations this year, and read your thoughts behind them. The name Loomsday appears to have really stuck; did you know I read Joyce for my BA? I still also like scarfage and control-freakery (sp??). Talk more later. (I still see in my mind’s eye your picture from some years ago from Christmas, in your living room, with a few guys, and a new loom.)

  3. Cally

    There *are* a lot of looms now, aren’t there? Although to be fair, they have made even more weavers!

    Meg, I am ashamed to admit that I have never read Ulysses, although I do love hearing it read aloud or dramatised – as when the BBC get it into their heads to celebrate Bloomsday.

  4. neki rivera

    wish i could keep my space so tidy! i seem to be constantly cleaning & organizing, but it goes back to chaos:(
    may this year be one of joy and love

  5. Cally

    I’m loving these compliments on my tidiness… I must have photographed very selectively!!

  6. Katie Lacewell

    “Grotty” My favorite!