Small achievements

I do hope that January is not indicative of the way 2015 is going to go. It has altogether been a bit of a disaster weaving-wise and the lack of Phoebus continues to depress us all. But there is no point in beating myself up for the things that I haven’t managed. On the positive side, I am very happy with the patchwork design and colours. I will even be able to weave it full size because – tada! – I have the new cord for the fly shuttle.

new cord on the fly shuttle

The green and grey warp on the Megado has been rethreaded and I have started weaving. The weft is that cone of bright yellow you can see behind the Delta in the picture above.

In spite of the brightness it is still on the subtle side, though there is a bit of texture coming through… I’m not sure what I am going to do with it next: I have a few other colours I might throw at it.

green and yellow woolly weaving

And although I have been busy this week getting ready for the new OU teaching session (starts tomorrow!), I have also managed to meet the application deadlines for a couple of events. Time for an evening off, I think.

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  1. evelyn

    here’s to February!