In the computer graveyard

Yesterday I left the Delta looking like this…

sleyed crocus warp

…rather as if it had gone to sleep for a hundred years and the creepers have finally made their slow, creeping way through the castle… But I can assure you it was the scene of much activity less than 24 hours ago. Of course, I should be lashed on and weaving by now, but have instead spent the morning in the computer graveyard resurrecting old machines in search of a crucial piece of evidence relating to the ‘new’ one.

I don’t know whether it is a deliberate policy of the manufacturer, but it is quite devious of the new computer – now nearly a year old – to have repeatedly erased all the emails relating to its purchase, which have been transferred from the old computer no less than three times. Last week’s attempt to recover said emails yet again – from the hard drive which has been the faithful intermediary throughout this relationship – caused the hard drive power cable to explode and blew the fuse to all the IT-connected sockets in the study. Amazingly, no computers (or routers or printers or hard drives) were defenestrated as a result of this incident, though it took me all evening to ascertain that no damage had been done to any of the other equipment and a week to get a new power cable. And the email backup isn’t on the hard drive any more… So in the computer graveyard I sit, surrounded by dusty mice. No creepers here, though. Not yet.

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4 Responses

  1. Kerstin

    … hasn’t that happened to all of us? Precisely that is why I now have one external harddrive as the “standard” backup device, but also from time to time back that one up onto another one… At least the hard drive mfgs get happy!

  2. neki rivera

    i feel for you. if misery loves company i could tell you about my bad hair day yesterday

  3. Katie Lacewell

    I’m glad YOU weren’t hurt. That is scary! I just had a radio power cord do the same thing on me. Made me dance around a bit going “Ai yi yi!”

  4. Cally

    Thanks all! It is extremely reassuring to know that even if the universe is out to get me, it is also out to get all of you as well…