Knitting update

Back in October I treated myself to a little knitting project. I had boldly decided to venture into lace knitting. Since then, I have done a lot of lace knitting. I have knitted the first half of a scarf no less than three times!

The first time through was a distinctly uncomfortable experience, and when it all went wrong I was quite glad to rip it out and start again. On the second occasion I suddenly found that I understood how the stitches related to the pattern, so I felt more comfortable but then went wildly off-piste by picking up at the wrong point of a pattern repeat and galloping on regardless. I was a bit more annoyed about the ripping out that time. On the third time through, I got much better at catching my mistakes and un-knitting them before it got out of hand, and so I was able to limp all the way to the finish. And have this to show for it:

knitted scarf

Hey, it’s only taken me six months! I am somewhat nervous about blocking it as that will doubtless reveal to me all the mistakes that are still present but as yet undiscovered. However, I still have quite a bit of yarn, so there’s another scarf on the needles already (different pattern – I couldn’t bear it a fourth time). I must have enjoyed it after all.

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  1. kfagan727

    This is called ‘Penelope knitting’ !!

    • Cally

      Love it, thanks!

  2. Evelyn

    looking forward to the blocked article! gorgeous colour