I find it interesting how taster days turn out. Sometimes the people in the class all take off in different directions, but often there is a common theme – it might be colour, it might be pattern, but the weavers all start encouraging each other to push themselves more and more in that respect. On Saturday we had a texture day. All the funky yarns came out: the thick and thin, the wild and hairy, the glittery sparklies and all. It was great! As my phone pictures always come out blurry, I thought I’d try close-ups. And… they’re still blurry. Ah well.

taster Joan

taster Stephen

taster Katy

taster Margaret

My Sutherland warp is all threaded up and ready for lashing on tomorrow. I plan to weave three pieces on it, but other than that haven’t made any big decisions. I want to try a lime weft at some stage, but not sure whether that will be first.

I continue to ponder my plans, or the abeyance of my plans, and would really like to move things up a gear. There are new warps to plan and structures to explore! In other news, though, I saw the doctor last week, who confirmed that yes, that is arthritis in my hands and feet. I want to shriek ‘I’m not old enough!’ but then my friend sent me the details of our 30th anniversary school reunion which made me pause and count… (though I hasten to add that the reunion is for school school and not university). Anyway, the arthritis is still at an early stage, so perhaps by taking steps now I can slow that down a bit. The reunions, not so much.

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  1. Charlotte Engstad
    | Reply

    The samples look great,I like the different colors and textures! I am very sorry to hear that you have arthritis, I hope there is medication available to slow it down. Sending you my best wishes and warm thoughts.

  2. Lisa
    | Reply

    Hey Cally,
    I really like that orange boucle poking out of the robin’s egg blue warp! Looks like your students are having fun for sure. So sorry about the arthritis – weaving is repetitive stress, and I have a titanium hip to prove it. Did you get any advice for how to mitigate?

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Yes, thanks, I did get some advice along with some supplements and a referral to the physio – to be actioned straight after the holidays! I hope that those things taken together will slow down the decay…

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