So I was planning to blog about part 2 of the French trip, but instead I came down with the flu. At least, the very rapid onset of a high fever and the weekend which completely disappeared seem to suggest it is the flu. I am no longer a suitable surface for frying an egg, but my head has been replaced with a lump of wood, so I haven’t yet been further than the sofa. Which gives me quite a nice view of this tree – always the last one in our garden to show any signs of spring, but they are now just beginning to show.

view from the sofa

There is no good timing for flu, but in the grander scheme of things this incident was quite poor. Not only am I stranded halfway up a marking mountain, but this was my mother’s last weekend in her house in Scotland. Tomorrow she moves to England, where she and her sister Pat are buying a house together. It’s not the other side of the world, but it’s 450 miles further away, which is quite a hike. We had planned a nice family lunch on Sunday…. but didn’t.

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  1. Margreet

    Sorry to read you have not been well, and missing out on last family lunch in you mothers Scottisch home is no fun either. Get well soon again! xx

  2. Sandra Rude

    Sorry to hear you came home from that fabulous weaving workshop ill! Get well soon, and remember that on the California scale, 450 miles is practically next door… Plus, your mother and Pat will have a lot of fun in Reading. It’s much closer to London for their excursions to museums and theatre, right?

  3. neki rivera

    spring-summer flus are the worst.take care.

  4. Cally

    Thanks for the good wishes!