Of course the huck sampling rapidly ran out of control again. This is partly because I am very good at thinking one thing and pegging something entirely different, which then leads on to another train of thought… and so on. However, the result is that I have raced through my warp – there’s about a metre left, or a bit less – playing with shapes more than with structure, which was a bit naughty.

I mentioned only being able to get two blocks on 16 shafts. This is a limitation. However, the individual units can be swapped as mini-blocks too, and the advantage of the three-unit threading…

double huck threading

…which I’m using is that the units are in point order: B-A-B-C-D-C-B-A-B

So I can do this.

double huck points

And this.

double huck points colour change

And this.

double huck diamonds

Those diamonds are plain weave on the face but there is lace on the reverse, and it led me to several different configurations of ‘swapped ends’ – see where the blue lines criss cross on the grey shape? One of the things I like most about this structure is the ease of switching pattern ends independently of tabby ends, as in this earlier example. However, I don’t seem to have photos of the floatier iterations. Or rather, I am sure I took them, but am having difficulty finding them again… The PC has decided all of a sudden to disown the iPad, so it treats it as a new device every time I plug it in which is proving to be a bit of a pain. On the plus side, you have been spared several screens-full of triangular variations.

As I am running out of warp, the next step is to make another one. This time I am planning to use some yarn that I would be likely to use for the ‘real thing’ once I get going. However, I am weighing up two options and dithering between them. The extent of my dithering is quite severe, and I realise that this is always the area where I have the greatest difficulty in decision-making in spite of obsessive sampling! It’s not that I can’t settle on a ‘good yarn for this project’, but that there are so many good yarns I find it hard to choose one set of characteristics over another.

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  1. Mimi Dilling Anderson

    Very cool, Cally. I look forward to seeing the images after wet finishing!

  2. Sandra Rude

    Oh, my! These are wonderful!

  3. Amy Norris

    Ooooh! Very fun. And very inspiring!

  4. neki rivera

    thoroughly enjoying these.