Over half-way

Yes, over half-way. In fact that is an under-statement as I am almost three-quarters of the way up the highest marking mountain of the year. This is a big one. Each assignment takes about two hours to mark and it’s a very demanding two hours – partly because of the nature of the feedback I need to give and partly because I have to do it all on the iPad which makes my eyes go starey. By the end of a day my brain is melted and running out of my ears.

I have been in the studio on and off for a few hours of recovery time, but progress is slow and I haven’t any new pictures to show you. I could share more kitten pics, but instead here is my tie-up for a mish-mosh of huck* on 8 shafts. I have 14 treadles on the Delta but am quite pleased that I have managed to limit myself to 12.

huck tie-up

I haven’t changed the tie-up on the Delta in ages. I can’t even remember when I last did it, so here’s hoping I haven’t forgotten how it works.

*For those of you who may have found this blog for the first time via a search engine, mish-mosh of huck is a highly technical and specific weaving term. Casual usage is not recommended.

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3 Responses

  1. Susan

    Oh, my…. I have a mish mosh of huck on my Louet Spring. Its catching ! 🙂

  2. stollni

    I saw the tie-up before the text and assumed that you were into creating crossword puzzles. Huck is far more exciting!

    • Cally

      If you want to set a crossword with it, feel free! There are quite a few very short words…