A short intermission…

…was taken at the end of last week, so that I could turn my attention to our seven-year-old houseguest. Yes, baby Abigail is now seven and was making her first grown-up visit to Dundee, i.e. without mummy. She turned out to be an enthusiastic entertainer of kittens so there was much bonding of the young ‘uns.

Abi and Magnus

There was also much eating of cheesecake, as I was lucky enough to win one from Captain Cheesecake in their inaugural Facebook prize draw. It was such a large cheesecake that we had to bring in extra help, in the shape of Abi’s Uncle Jonny, to finish it all.


On Saturday we delivered Abi back to her mum at the Edinburgh Fringe and I stayed to see her in her first Fringe role – Puck – in their Shakespeare in the Garden show.

I have been catching up on admin and teaching responsibilities today, but there is work on the loom. I have a new blue and grey warp…

new blue and grey warp

…which is much lighter than the last one and is three-quarters threaded. Normal studio activities will be resumed tomorrow.

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