And more dyeing

As Kate (of riverside cottage fame) is now away on a sabbatical, I have to take responsibility for my own dye days. On Monday I locked myself away from kittens to produce this:

new yarns drying

Which now gives me this range of colours:

new dyed yarns

I’m pleased because – although these are far from perfect – I am getting much better at the lighter shades. And sometimes I even get the colour I intended!

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5 Responses

  1. Dorothy Stewart

    I saw these today and can confirm that they are indeed beautiful !

  2. Sandra Rude

    Lovely palette! You did good.

  3. Lisa

    They are beautiful and I want to touch them 🙂

  4. neki rivera

    great palette. btw do a google on dye applet. you can not only get what you want,but also repeat the color ^_^
    question: what is he grist of that wool? looks fine but comfortable on the eyes. is it available somewhere?

    • Cally

      Thanks for the tip! I will google forthwith. And the yarn is 2/24 alpaca/silk from the Chester Wool Co. You can buy wholesale if you order 5 kg or more (and it needn’t all be the same yarn).