Rectangles, Tech-tangles

A different kind of lattice this time:

blue grey bricks

This is quite a slow one to weave, but soothing. And that strange light illuminating the photo is – believe it or not – sunshine. A big yellow orb has appeared in the sky and for the last couple of weeks it has been summer in Scotland after all.

It is clearly too much for the electronics in the house as everything is malfunctioning. Naturally, the most intractable of malfunctions happen at weekends or just before a deadline, and we can tick both of those boxes this week. I’m not functioning all that well myself in respect of technology, thanks to the innovation that is electronic marking. This has been my first year of marking scripts almost exclusively on a tablet and I had an exceptionally large class to practice on, meaning hours and hours spent staring at the wee illuminated rectangle – so, after an intensive summer of assignments, the result is that my eyes have become very dry and sensitive to light. I’m using drops and reminding myself to keep blinking, but I find that I also need to limit my time at the computer. As I can’t not do the marking, I am unable to spend as much time on other things, which is a pain. Still I now have a break of a few weeks so I am hoping that I can first rest my eyes a bit and then catch up with myself. Oh the relentless optimism! Well, fall less far behind, then.

Just need to spend more time at the (completely non-electronic) loom.

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4 Responses

  1. Sandra Rude

    Can’t wait to see that cloth wet-finished, when the lace texture takes its final shape and the wool fulls and fluffs.

  2. Nancy Picciano Malcolm

    can you please give me information as to where i can find this draft? Also how many shafts. Thanks so much!

    • Cally

      Hi Nancy
      This is an original draft I have been developing on 16 shafts. I have shared the threading and my approach to the pegplans over the course of several blog posts – if you look at the tag you will see what I have done so far.

  3. neki rivera

    your huck work is very inspiring.need to try double huck sometime.