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Open Studios was not as open as intended today, thanks to a faulty fire alarm. It was lovely to see the intrepid few who made it into the building while that option was available, but in the end we had to close down for the day – and we’ll have another go tomorrow.

But it gives me a couple of hours I wasn’t expecting, so (having wasted half of that time resolving computer woes) I thought I’d do a quick round up of what’s going on here weaving-wise.

Last weekend’s students put on some lovely warps and started weaving. All three chose to use lambswool but their projects are developing very differently in terms of colour, texture and pattern.

margareta susannah warp

Jane's warp

And thanks to everyone for your positive comments on my Waterfront collection. It has been a glacially slow process, since my first experiments with double woven huck, to get to this stage. However, there is a new silver and violet warp on the loom and the next Urban Shorescape scarves are underway.

silver and violet warp

There are so many claims on my time this year that it is certainly challenging to keep weaving, never mind weaving creatively, but I persist in turning up to the studio and putting in as many hours as I can at the loom.

And if my blog here is a wee bit sketchy – well, more than a bit! – I am continuing to write instructional posts over at Craftsy. And some of my posts have now been compiled into a downloadable guide: Scarf Weaving with Confidence.

I’m not out of news but I am out of time, if dinner is going to happen today. I think it will happen, and I think it will include freshly made pesto. Sound good?

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  1. Charlotte Engstad
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    Freshly made pesto sounds definitively great! Fire alarms tend to go off at the most unconvenient times, I hope everything works out nicely today.

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