Day Out

Don’t get many of these just now! But I managed to take the train down to Edinburgh yesterday, complete with Big Bag of Weaving…

big bag of weaving

…in order to deliver a selection of my Waterfront pieces to the lovely Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton Street. It was great to catch up with James, who has just got major funding for an exciting new venture in his PickOne Studio.

Having dropped off the work, discussed the price of yarn, compared a few weave structures etc, I made my way back home by way of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, where the contrast with the grey foggy day outside made the interior seem even warmer.



I enjoyed the Document Scotland photography exhibition, especially ‘Drawn to the Land’ by Sophie Gerrard. There’s a wee film at this link, though it doesn’t show you one of my favourite aspects of the exhibit, which was the layout of the images for each personal portrait. You’ve got until April to go and see it for yourself.

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