Tidy Tuesday

I have already mentioned my Design Wednesdays, but what I really need in my life right now are more Tidy Tuesdays. Since moving the VLSU back in the spring I have not really got myself sorted out. The move meant the loss of some storage space, which was a fair enough trade for the extra moving-about space, but it has left me continually shoving bits and pieces into cubby holes and I am never able to put my hand on things when I need them. This has been driving me nuts for some time and now that classes for 2015 are all done I am determined to deal with it.

So I made a start today by tipping all my samples out onto the table and creating more of a mess than ever.

Meanwhile, the combination on the loom is surprisingly fondant-like.

waterfront pastels

winter sun on alpaca

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9 Responses

  1. lauraannfryLaura

    Interesting how that before it can get better it has to get worse. Sometimes *much* worse. Good luck with your sorting!

  2. judy

    Tidy Tues is something I need in my schedule. Thanks. I will work on that

  3. Sandra Rude

    Wow! The colours in this batch of scarves(?) are really gorgeous – can’t wait to see ’em wet-finished. Oh, and btw, those kittens of yours are – what’s a word more emphatic than adorable (I saw a post of Facebook recently…).

  4. spinweaverbarbara

    Oh my gosh, your scarves look delicious! And, following your example, I think I have been avoiding my studio because it needs a good cleaning and sorting out, so time to get working on that.

  5. Trine Bøgh

    Tidy or not – as long as it don ‘t kill your creativity it don’t really matter. Anyhow – your weaving looks very tidy and nice! I apriciate the thoughts and photos you share. Love from Trine in Norway

  6. Martha

    Such beautiful creamy colors. Tidy Tuesday sounds like something I should practice in my messy studio.

  7. neki rivera

    have i saaid that the w.series is an exercise in awesomeness.i subscribe to tidy tuesdays and in my case maybe mondays too 🙂

  8. Linda

    Lovely colors on your loom.

  9. Perry drevo

    I need a tidy Tuesday. Even once a month would help!