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Yes, it’s a thing. Blogmanay is an initiative of the folk who run Edinburgh’s big Hogmanay party to promote the event and also to show visitors that other things happen in winter in Scotland as well. They really do, you know. So they have a team of international travel bloggers and a very complicated itinerary. This afternoon, one of the stops for five intrepid bloggers was my studio, where the looms were waiting (and, yes, I did manage to clear a path to them).

I didn’t have an opportunity to take any pictures during the workshop, but I didn’t need to – these guys are on the case. You can see several on the Blogmanay page and on Twitter, Instagram etc with the hashtag #blogmanay.

It was a lot of fun and there was some serious weaving talent in the making! I was delighted to be part of such a festive occasion. Tomorrow we get back to business as usual…

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  1. Sandra Rude
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    From the looks on their faces, I can tell they had a lot of fun!

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