That makes two posts in a row named after hashtags. #FunADay is an initiative from Philadelphia which was brought to Dundee a few years ago by a student at Duncan of Jordanstone. It simply entails doing something fun each day in January. Typically, this daily fun is expressed in the form of a small piece of something – painting, drawing, collage – building up to series of 31 pieces. Then at the beginning of February there is an informal exhibit of all the fun. However, there aren’t really any rules, so the fun could be a walk on the beach or 5 minutes of crazy dancing.

I’ve followed the January antics since the project began, but this year for the first time I decided to participate and force myself to have some fun every day, especially when I don’t have time. I’ve been dabbling in kumihimo for a little while, so I reckoned a small braid every day would be both fun and instructive. I’ve been posting photos daily on Twitter, but here is a round-up of the first week-and-a-day.

And here’s a blog post by Emily Luxton about #blogmanay in Dundee. 

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4 Responses

  1. Charlotte Engstad

    This certailnly sounds like great fun! Your braids look great. Is all the fun stuff exhibited together?

  2. artfeltphotos

    Sounds a really good idea, I wonder if I’d have the self-discipline to join next year?

    • Cally

      It’s taken me 5 years to get around to it, but so far I can attest that it is worth finally making that commitment! Of course I still have 23 days to go…