Here’s the yarn from the bucket, gradually making its way toward the loom. I plan to start turning it into a warp tomorrow.

latest dyed yarn

This will be an extension of the Waterfront collection, but I’m using Merino/silk instead of the Alpaca/silk and in two different counts: a 2/16 as well as the 2/24. I used the 2/24 last year to weave a wrap for Pat’s 80th birthday. Because it was a secret I never posted any pictures, but it came out like this:

art deco wrap

art deco wrap detail

The design (intentionally asymmetric in case you were wondering) was intended to complement a rather lovely leather handbag she has, but Mum and I got into an interesting pickle trying to get a photo of it while maintaining the subterfuge! Anyway, for me the most pleasing thing about it was the weight and drape of the finished cloth, which was lovely. I used the 4-colour threading approach learned with Marian in the Dordogne, and that’s what I plan to do again. Sort of.

But the most interesting weaving this week has been on one of the table looms. I am teaching a class in double weave in a couple of weeks and so I wanted to make a coherent set of four-shaft DW samples, including pickup. I haven’t used DW pickup in ages, but scribbled a squiggly line on a piece of squared paper and set to. I was quite pleased with how it turned out…

DW pickup

…but it didn’t take me long to remember why I don’t make a habit of it. It took me a whole lot longer to weave that tiny piece you see there…

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5 Responses

  1. Christina Suter

    I really like the scarf. Beautiful colours and such a great design, much better than had it been symmetrical.

  2. Catherine Freeland

    Still watching and learning. My friend and Swedish studio weaver, Christina, has just posted, I see, which is fun. I’ve just been watching a small video about using a multiplicity of reds in tapestry weaving (Dovecot project with Alison Watt), and agreed that the texture of wool gives a depth and richness. yes, I’m thinking aloud about ‘that’ proposed colour workshop in September, as we sail into 2016.

  3. Margreet

    Beautiful scarf and cannot wait to see the result of the blues. I take it you meant Marian and not Marion

    • Cally

      Yes, I did! Now corrected, thanks. I really shouldn’t try and do things in a rush…

  4. neki rivera

    lovely,lovely,lovely.all of it