It’s launch night tonight for the Tea Green Concept Atelier. The indefatigable Jo MacFadyen has been working like a trooper all week to get the pop-up shop installed in the Old Flour Mill in Dundee – I glimpsed the transformation yesterday when I dropped off the Magic Dobby – and it is looking seriously good. Anyway, before I get my party shoes on, I thought I’d share how the new scarves turned out.

These are woven in single cloth, a mix of huck and echo, all in hand-dyed merino/silk. They are a new part of my Waterfront collection and I am calling them Coastline. They were supposed to have a proper photo shoot, but that will have to wait. I snapped a few of them hanging up by the window as I was pressing and packing.

Do click on them: the colours are much more accurate in the pop-up view. No idea why!

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Gorgeous! Love the colors and textures. Very coastal.

  2. Martha
    | Reply

    I agree with Sandra the colors are beautifully coastal. Love the interplay of color and texture!

  3. Alice
    | Reply

    What an impressive collection. Lovely.

  4. neki rivera
    | Reply

    northern coast colors plus the lovely

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