Seeing squirrels

Yesterday S and I drove across Perthshire to the far end of Lochs Earn and Tay. It’s beautiful country and it was a lovely day just for a drive, but we did have a particular purpose. Our destination was Wildgrass Studio at Wester Lix, home and workplace of the photographers Dave and Gill Hunt.

Dave teaches workshops in product photography so it seemed like an excellent way to get some ‘staff development’ for my underpaid staff and his boss. It was. We both learned an enormous amount about camera, lenses, lighting, composition, software… even though we were working in their wonderful conservatory gallery/studio and constantly rushing to a window with cries of ‘squirrel!’ every time a red squirrel dashed past.

Alas, I have no pictures of speedy squirrels to show you (check out their Facebook page if you need a squirrel fix) but I can share a baby bunny.

baby bunny

Back at the mill we have some Goethe warps going on to table looms for the Highland Guild workshop (now fully booked)…

warping for workshop

…and some zig zags looking rather funky under cover of the loom.

zig zags underneath

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  1. Sandra Rude

    Those zigzags are so cool! And the little bunny isn’t bad either. When we lived near Windsor, with our back garden gate opening on the Great Park, the cat would bring (presumably) the Queen’s rabbits in through the cat flap, and there would be a lot of thumping and chasing in the front hall. I remember letting several out the front door, until we began locking the cat flap at night.