A pair of mistakes

While twisting fringes, I spotted a mistake in one of the silver-grey scarves. I had missed a pick and had long warp floats where long warp floats had no business to be. The annoying realisation immediately occurred: there must be another missing pick close by, and sure enough…


I didn’t get around to photographing the anomaly until I was in the middle of mending it, but you can still see the end of one error and the whole of the other. I knew there must be two in close proximity as this treadling maintains an easy odd-even rhythm, with odd picks going from right to left and evens from left to right. I keep an eye on the numbers appearing in the little window of the dobby box and it alerts me to any mis-steps. Or it should! In this case I managed almost sixty picks in the wrong direction without noticing, before another mis-step put me on the right track again.

Fortunately, this yarn is one which fulls very nicely, so in order to make the most of it I had kept the weave fairly open. There was plenty of room to needle-weave the missing picks without the pattern looking squashed.


All done.

A pair of mistakes” was posted by Cally on 20 Nov 2016 at http://callybooker.co.uk

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5 Responses

  1. Alison

    Thank you Cally for the post. Nice to see that I am not the only one who makes those mistakes! The photographs explain the corruption well. Thats encouraging.

  2. lauraannfryLaura

    Love those mistakes (not!) I wove an entire shawl warp with crossed threads. The pattern and density was such that I just pulled the whole damn misbehaving thread – which only showed on the back side, naturally – out and now, after wet finishing, even I can’t tell where it is… :-/

  3. loomtalk

    I feel the pain. Just finished three blankets. I new at the first inch of treadling that something was wrong with two threads but if I flicked them they seemed to separate fine, one up one down. Nope! Got out the needle and rewove them. Three blankets – 6.6 metres by 2 threads!

  4. Sandra Rude

    We all do this sort of thing occasionally. In my case, it reminds me to pay attention, not just zone out somewhere in the stratosphere. Or farther…

  5. Cally

    At least I am in good company here! I think Dianne wins the prize for patience on this occasion 🙂