Shade cards

They’re addictive!


I’ve spent hours playing games like this, but finally came to a decision today. Now awaiting a large box of yarn….

But more scarves have appeared on the loom too. I’m steadily working my way through those little bits of leftover merino/silk, but I don’t believe I will ever quite exhaust the supply. On Friday I wove this one…


…and started this one.


Couldn’t resist that low angle, which makes it pop into 3-D! Once I have finished it, I think there may be one more scarf in this warp.

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  1. catherine Freeland
    | Reply

    The cost of shade cards puts some people off – i have seen weavers taking phone pictures at stands to avoid paying. Your post confirms the attraction of having the real thing, and playing creatively!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      They are a frightening expense, but there’s no need to buy them very often – and I never make good decisions based on just photos! Maybe you could all nudge the Guild into buying them as a collective investment??

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