According to the internet, the moment the sun stood still took place at 10:44 this morning. So at half past two in the afternoon we are already travelling on our way to spring.

Meanwhile – since I finished weaving the retro warp on the Delta – the looms are also at a standstill, and I have been occupied with various categories of admin and doing some work behind the scenes on the CW website. It’s not the kind of activity that makes for very interesting photos (although my faithful printing assistant is quite photogenic), so instead here are a few flashbacks to the first half of 2016…

In January I made a kumihimo braid every day for #FunADay


In February I was mixing huck and echo weave to create Coastline scarves for my Waterfront collection

mixed huck twill close-up

And in March I was still weaving them! As well as getting a sneaky preview of this venue

West Ward 01

In April I unexpectedly had the opportunity to accompany Pat on a bookbinding course


May was a crazy busy month with the first ever Dundee Design Festival and all the events around it

DDF Gallery 1

And in June it was all about Complex Weavers as I headed west for the biennial gathering of the tribe

out to USA

…to be continued!

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