Easing in

I’m taking the new year quite slowly and cautiously, trying to get myself into a more organised place before I emerge fully from my hibernation. The studio went through a hyper-disorganised period earlier in the week – that ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ stage, which is always so unnerving – but a mountain of filing has been accomplished and I have even made a daring rearrangement. I moved the kettle!

But I also signed up for #FunADay again, and have been recycling my Christmas cards into hex weaves. If you want to follow along, I am posting daily on Instagram (which then updates my Facebook page), but here is a round-up of the first week.

I hope you’re also finding time for a little bit of fun to ease the transition into the year.

Easing in” was posted by Cally on 7 Jan 2017 at https://callybooker.co.uk

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