Thinking and Acting

The last couple of weeks have been most peculiar. In my feverish state, I’ve been having strange nightmarish dreams about the state of the world – except that they keep turning out not to be dreams after all. In my more lucid spells, the cloak of silence has granted me plenty of thinking time, so I have been thinking of steps I can take. Steps with which I can assert my respect for human rights and for our planet as part of my craft practice as well as part of my personal life. So today I signed up for the Green Crafts Initiative. This means that I commit to

  • Reduce my environmental impact each year,
  • Strive to improve my monitoring and management of environmental impacts each year,
  • Make a yearly informal report about my actions relating to the environment.

My practice may be small, but I can still hold myself accountable for my choices. If you are interested, there is an ongoing series of posts called Make It Green on the Craft Scotland blog.

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