And then there was blue

Having woven a couple of large pieces with orange in, I then changed over to blue. I had planned to do this, so had made sure that the warp was mainly brown, grey and ecru. The only part of the warp that needed to be switched over was a stripe on the right-hand side with 33 ends in a deep rust colour, so I made a new bout of 33 ends but this time in a deep blue.

I threaded and sleyed the blue ends along with the orange ends, then pinned them to the face of the cloth and wove about an inch with both colours together. Then I cut out the orange ends and took them over the back of the loom.

I decided I would roll them up onto a spare cone, to keep them from tangling with the new blue ends. There is quite a lot of yarn there and it might come in handy for something – you never know…

It took me a while to get used to seeing blue instead of orange, but by the time I got to the weft stripe I was enjoying it.

I’m now on my second large blue piece, then I think I will do one smaller piece before I change colour again.

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  1. Cat Babbie

    Brilliant! I was considering adding a stripe to the warp I’m working on, and was just beginning to puzzle out the best way to do it, thanks for sharing your process!

    • Cally

      Well that was lucky timing! I’m glad you found it a useful post.