So, we had Open Studios…

…when was that again?

Yes, it was well over a week ago, and I have spent the majority of the intervening time tunnelling through the marking mountain. That is not a particularly photogenic activity, except when my assistants get involved…

…and the more active their involvement…

…the less attractive the photos AND the longer it takes to get through that mountain. FYI – that’s Pippi in the box, Magnus in my face. Polly isn’t interested in marking until she thinks I should stop doing it and feed her instead.

When I can see past the fur, I do have a lovely view from my desk.

But it troubles me that this tree is regularly flowering so much earlier than it did when we first moved here, so my spirits are not as lifted by the sight of it as they used to be.

I have been thinking through my commitment to the Green Crafts Initiative and looking up some advice online. It makes interesting reading. When I think about ‘sustainable craft’ my tendency is to focus on materials and the processes of making, which are clearly important. However, the ‘big sister’ programme, the Green Arts Initiative, is focused more on organisations than on individuals, and one of the major things they are concerned about is how people travel to venues. That made me stop and think.

I live 5 mins walk from my studio, so driving there is not remotely efficient – and the thought of it doesn’t even enter my head, unless I have to pick up a carload of textiles or of looms to take them somewhere else. However, I am well aware that parking in the area is extremely limited – it is a topic of endless discussion among WASPS tenants! – and so my ‘travel advice’ (such as it is) to people visiting has always been focused around this issue. What I hadn’t done is point out the bus routes which have stops close by, or highlight the quickest walking routes from the bus and railway stations. So I have been updating my information sheets and maps to do exactly that, and I am very glad of this prompt which has made me consider the topic. It may only affect a handful of people, but it is an important step in reframing how we (I) think about our place in the world.

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