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My apologies for the lack of posting in the last few weeks. I have been beavering away behind the scenes on the Complex Weavers website, working through a load of electronic marking, and doing much online teaching – as both tutor and tutee, since we are being prepared for a change to a new online platform. So, adding it all together, it comes to a heck of a lot of screen time and I’m afraid I reach my limit long before I can get to the blog. On top of that, the things I have recently started weaving are things I can’t share with you right now anyway…

But I can show you what’s on the marudai.

It’s a mix of cotton and silk in tones inspired by our train journey through the Rockies last summer. There’s quite a bit of dark green in there, although apparently it doesn’t show when photographed at night in a room full of dud lightbulbs. That’s a surprise.

This is a simple enough braid, but it is one I find hard to correct if I go wrong. All the more reason to practice – and to take copious photos at different stages, even in atrocious light.

And I am sure you will enjoy this plateful of cakes, if not quite as much as S and I did. We took a day off over the May Day weekend to go and visit North Fife Open Studios, and lo! The people of Collessie were serving wondrous teas in the village hall.

As well as the tea we bought two prints, which was quite an extravagance. It’s lucky that someone had a significant birthday.

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4 Responses

  1. Audrey Durrant

    Well a Happity Burfday, and are they Scottish Drop Scones I see, family on my mothers side come from Fife, and her brother and his wife moved to Kent, when we visited she always gave us a big box of drop scones to take home to North London, back in the day it was travelling back home on the old A2 by the time we’d got to Marble Arch, they’d gone………………….

    • Cally

      Thanks, I will pass on the birthday greetings! And yes, they are drop scones. Yum.

  2. loomtalk

    Now I have to ask what are drop scones? Or are they the flat ovals we would call pikelets?

    • Cally

      In my experience, pikelets have bigger bubbles than drop scones – they are a similar shape and size but have a texture more like crumpets, The closest I can think of to a drop scone is an American silver dollar pancake. Does that help?