The merry month concludes

The best week of my year is the one which has this in it.

It began with rain, after a long dry six weeks. The buds were patiently waiting and then boom: all the flowers at once in a glorious madness. And it ended with more rain; a very heavy shower which has left us strewn with pink and white. There will be rosehips in a while.

I finished my braid!

It is the longest single piece I have made, so it was kind of a shame to chop it up into samples, but that was its destiny. Magnus Wildhair supervised the printing of the information sheet for the study group exchange.

He was very careful and sensible about where he put his paws, which was a miracle.

I did not permit any feline help with the next task.

I had decided to try a new tactic and send 16 metres of lambswool fabric to Schofield in Galashiels for finishing. They are very good about handling short lengths of work from handweavers, but this is my first attempt and I must admit to being nervous. I had to prepare it for their processes by trimming all the ends of weft – something I normally do after washing – which took several podcasts.

You can probably see why. Then I rolled it all up, forgot to take a picture, and packaged it for the courier, also not pictured. Fingers crossed all goes well.

The weather is still fine, but we are getting enough rain to keep the garden lush and green. Pippi knows how to get the best view.

Secret weaving continues! I have submitted my project for the Complex Weavers Anniversary Book, but am still tinkering around with other ideas that are not share-ready. It is an unfortunate characteristic in a blogger, but I get more done when I share less.

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4 Responses

  1. MegWeaves

    Pray tell, which end of Magnus did you photograph here? Thank you. Congrats on finishing anything. I will look forward to your post about having your yardage finished by professionals. I envy access to that kind of a facility, but then 2 meters drive me wild so I doubt I will ever need such. 😀

    • Cally

      Hard to tell, isn’t it? If there is a big plume of a tail it’s the back end, but if there is a whiff of trouble that will be the nose seeking it out. Re the finishing, I am mainly hoping that they will do a better job of raising the nap than I can manage – and I am relieved I haven’t (yet) had a phone call to tell me my cloth won’t survive the machines!

  2. Neki Rivera

    funny how now that i live in northern spain the weather is so similar to yours. we’ve had long due rains this past week and this looks like ireland again.
    curious about the professional show photos please.

  3. Charlotte Clancy

    I’m only begining to learn to weave and I love what you have done so far, can’t wait to see your finished piece