Sea blues (and other colours)

Alas, most of the time I lost was my between-marking-mountains time, so I had barely been back in the studio before the next avalanche arrived. I just had time to put a warp on the Delta in shades of sea blue and sand.

I finished off a couple of freeform samples, and started on another piece in lace, and have at last managed to update my website with some new dates for workshops, yay!

Then this weekend I finally managed to get out the dye pots for my first post-masterclass efforts.

I made several attempts at thickening the dye liquor with guar gum so that I could paint some sample warp bouts, and got every kind of consistency from weak tea to quick-drying cement before I hit on a process that gave me something useable. Here is a photo at the two-thirds-painted stage. (I seem to have had a bit of a phone camera meltdown as most of my pictures have turned out to be close-ups of my own thumbs)

And here is a finished warp bout. My skeins are still hanging up to dry.

I’m quite pleased with the results, and am itching to get back to the studio and put one of these on a loom. Just got to tunnel my way out of the mountain first.

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  1. loomtalk

    Yummy colours – all of them.