Supplementary warps

…are breaking out all over the studio. I have a second back beam on the Delta,

where weaving is now underway. This fabric will be turned into cushion covers.

It’s a two-treadle operation, so yes, there have been a few errors. I think I am settling in to it, though (famous last words).

I just have one beam on the Megado so have to improvise a second.

The sloping back beam can be a bit of a pain when you want to clamp things to it, but the ‘angel wings’ are doing a good job of supporting my pseudo-beam (which consists of a couple of broken shafts) and I do like the way the excess warp can be kept off the floor. I’m ready to start weaving on this one tomorrow.

I like having more than one thing on the go, as it makes life more interesting, but I am a bit disturbed to realise that I currently have active warps on five looms. No wonder I am a bit confused.

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  1. Linda Adamson
    | Reply

    5 different looms going at once sounds perfectly reasonable to me Cally.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      You’re made of stronger stuff than I am, Linda!

  2. Monika
    | Reply

    Hi so much enjoy your blog. I have two beams on my ARM computer controlled loom. greetings from Amsterdam – by Monika Auch

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Thanks for sharing your website, Monika. I see that you are going to ETN – this year will be my first visit; very exciting!

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