Surprise Visit

I’ve finally managed to spend a whole week in the studio. In fact it was something of a necessity, as Scottish Water dug up our street last Monday and switched off the mains for 12 hours every day. Highly motivating! It’s lucky that the summer’s marking was already done and dusted. Instead there has been weaving, there has been winding of warps, there has even been impromptu shopping at the furniture recyclers next door for a stool at the right height for the Magic Dobby. And there have been visitors.

The first surprised party was me, when I received an email from Karen Marr, who works with Nadine Sanders taking weavers all around Scotland. Karen contacted me to ask if they might call in at my studio on their way through Dundee. She wanted to surprise Nadine and her group with an unexpected addition to their itinerary, so Karen and I were the only people who knew they were all going to be late for their lunch on Saturday… cue 14 more surprised parties! (And, by the way, they certainly earned that lunch, as the majority opted to climb all 112 over-sized stairs up to the fourth floor).

I quite often have weavery visitors from overseas but they usually come in ones and twos rather than dozens, so I was impressed that everyone fitted in to the studio (I hope there weren’t too many bruises discovered afterwards) and that there was air enough for all to breathe. It is always a treat to chat with weavers from other places, although on this occasion it was me doing most of the talking. Nadine asks very perceptive questions! Anyway, the visit was so much fun that I entirely forgot about taking any pictures. So instead here is a reminder of my recent holiday in the north, as I believe the weavers will be crossing the Kyle of Tongue on their route from Lewis to Orkney. Bon voyage to you all!

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  1. Alison Addicks

    Absolutely delighted to meet you and visit your studio.
    Alison Addicks
    Rice, WA