Jazz Festival

The Dundee Jazz Festival takes place in the middle of November. This year we managed to book early and get a discount on our tickets, so we went a bit mad and opted for three consecutive nights out. We were confident we could cope…Then the studio on the second floor became available, and November became the Month of Moving.

And in the middle of it all we did indeed go to the festival three nights in a row! It was extremely chilly, so we went muffled up in woolly hats and scarves (we have plenty of those) and had a brilliant time. And I felt that my current go-to scarf – which is echo weave in purple, olive green and a pinky-orange – was in some way the perfect scarf for listening to jazz music. The colours are warm and vibrant and slightly off-kilter.

I wanted to see whether I could get the same colour palette from natural dyes and start weaving some jazz-inspired scarves, so that is the first thing I have worked on in the new space and these are the first results.

I’m really pleased with the colours. The structure is twill blocks on 16 shafts, with assorted different liftplans including herringbone, cord weave and others on a broken twill ground.

I’m having fun with this concept and plan to come back to it in the new year. Sadly there is no way round it: my next job is to face my tax return.

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4 Responses

  1. Jo Andrews

    Hi Cally these are beautiful, what yarn are you using?

    • Cally

      Thanks Jo. There are a variety of different yarns here but they are all blends of wool (either merino or BFL) and silk, from Chester Wool Company.

  2. saranordling

    I really love the middle one in the image of 3. What a fun color combination!

    • Cally

      Thanks, Sara! I think that one is closest to my original idea.