So the snow melted and I made a warp out of some of my recently dyed yarn.

But I didn’t have time to get it on the loom before heading into the Highlands, where I was taking part in a workshop in the village of Newtonmore.

It’s a lovely journey on the train, and even more so when one is feeling extra-thankful not to be driving.

There was plenty of snow on the hills, and still a bit on the ground in the village…

…and a whole lot more fell while we were there…

…which made the workshop all the more interesting, as our task was to record and interpret the sounds of the Scottish landscape for the Aural Textiles project. There was much crunching of feet on snow and quiet listening to the dripping of the thaw. We – ten of us in total, including seven textile artists and designers of different disciplines – spread out to gather and record our sounds, and then reconvened in the village hall where we learned to filter out noise and visualise our recordings as spectrograms.

I’ll be working on this project through the spring and summer, so there will be more updates to come – here and on the Aural Textiles website. You can also follow @auraltextiles on instagram (check out the picture of our name badges…)

And now I really need to get that loom warped!

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4 Responses

  1. Linda Adamson

    What an interesting project! Look forward to hearing the results.

    • Cally

      Thanks, Linda. I hope we will come up with some interesting work!

  2. Jane Deane

    Wow! What an amazing project, Cally.

    • Cally

      Yes, it promises to be quite exciting as it develops!